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After having lived a life of sin, you are now forced to work in the mines for the gods of Egypt. Having to mine for crystals against an increasingly higher quota that, if not met, will result in your eternal suffering. 

This game was made for the French-Belgian Game Jam with a team consisting of Belgian and French developers across give different schools.

Catacombs Of The Ennead was chosed by the Louvre-Lens to be exposed during their new Exhibition "Les mondes souterrains" (Underground worlds).  

Sedes De Cock - UI artist and supports Programmers

Sasha Vigneron - Gameplay Programmer

Matteo Benaissa - Gameplay Programmer

Emmeline Vanden Waeyenbergh - Artist

Adam Aubart  - Artist

Enzo Gonen - Game designer

Use WASD to move around, and the arrows to mine your crystals.
If you use a gamepad : d-pad to mine & any stick to move

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Authorssedes de cock, Sasha Vigneron, AdamAubart, Matteo Benaissa
Tags3D, Pixel Art, Speedrun, Unity


COTE_LouvreLensEdition.zip 37 MB
COTE_JamEdition.zip 37 MB

Install instructions

1. Unzip the file

2. open the .exe file

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