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Dino Mines is a time-based platformer where you control a group of mine workers who stumble onto dinosaur remains.

Unfortunately for the workers, the mine starts collapsing, and now they have to get as many parts of the dinosaur out of the mine as possible.

Platform your way in and out of the mine to save the dinosaur remains, but pay attention to your environment because doors, elevators, and platforms will start to break, limiting your escape.


Pick up the dinosaur parts and deliver them to the drop-off zone outside of the mine. For each part you drop off and for each mine worker you get out of the mine, you will be rewarded. The player can choose to end the level at any moment as soon as one part is in the drop zone and one character is outside of the mine. Ending a level early will reward you with points for each second you save.

If all your characters die, you lose. If you cannot deliver any parts to the drop zone, you will also lose.

The player can use doors that can be opened with pressure plates and elevators activated by using the access panels. However, these will break during the duration of the level.



W A S D to move

Space to jump

F to interact / pick up items

E to switch characters

R to end level


Final note: this is a prototype


DinoMinesProto.zip 30 MB

Install instructions

- download file

- extract file

-  open DinoMinesProto.exe

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