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After getting fired and seeing your dream project being turned into an abomination you get the ability to split your soul from your body and shoot powerful soul blasts. Armed with this newfound ability you seek revenge on the soulless executives that ruined your project.

The player has two separate characters to control. On one hand, the player controls his body, dodging incoming fire to stay alive, and on the other hand, the player controls his soul, shooting powerful soul blasts to take out the corporate businesspeople who destroyed your dream. Unfortunately, your soul is not invincible. A soul without a body attracts the attention of hellhounds, who will attempt to catch it and drag it back to hell. The only way for your soul to feel safe is to combine with your body for a short time.

The player has to make his way through challenging levels where he has to turn on generators to power the elevator so he can get to the next floor. After making your way through all the floors of the building, you reach the boss's office, where you have to take him out in an overwhelming boss fight.

Soul Splitter is mainly meant to be played with a controller.  However there are keyboard controls. 

final note: this is a prototype


SoulSplitterFinal.zip 33 MB

Install instructions

how to install:

-download the zip

-unzip the zip folder on your computer

-run the .exe file named "SoulSplitter.exe"


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This game is hardcore. 🤘